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Privacy Policy

CAMPS BY SPARTNER is a registered trademark of SPARTNER AGENCY. All our stays are declared to the Regional Department of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (DRJSCS) by SPARTNER AGENCY.

1. Stays and trips 

Our website presents the stays distributed by CAMPS BY SPARTNER and provides prior information. This information relates to the content of the stays (destinations, types of accommodation, travel, activities and additional services), the dates, prices and terms of payment, the conditions for cancellation and modification of the contract and the travel formalities. The fixed nature of our prices exclusively includes a set of services described in the programs and price tables.

2. Registration for our stays 

Registration for our stays is done through our website. The customer fills out a form indicating all the requested information about the child, as well as the billing details. Once this form has been completed, he will receive an email confirming that his pre-registration request has been taken into account and in which he can download the registration file. The registration file will have to be completed and returned to us by email or by post. You have 7 days to send us the registration file accompanied by your payment(s), after this period your pre-registration will be cancelled. 
For any order within one month of the course, all payments will be collected upon receipt of the file. Upon receipt of his complete registration file, the customer will receive by email, an email entitled "Confirmation of registration for the course of ..." specifying the stay, the dates and the various options subscribed and attesting that CAMPS BY SPARTNER has indeed considered his request. The withdrawal period which usually applies for all distance selling does not apply to contracts relating to "the provision of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services which must be submitted on a date or according to a determined periodicity (Article L.121-20-4 consumer code). A child cannot be accepted on a stay if he does not have the completed and signed health form. 

3. Rules

We only accept payment by bank transfer, bank cheque(s), bank card or holiday voucher(s). If you choose payment in installments, you must send all your checks when ordering or else it will not be validated. Please note, we strongly advise our customers paying by holiday vouchers to send them to us by post with acknowledgment of receipt.
If all the documents necessary for the departure of the participant and the total payment for the stay have not been received before the start of the stay, CAMPS BY SPARTNER reserves the right to refuse your child at the time of departure._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
For children from specialized institutions or placed in foster families, this information must be specified to us at the time of registration. A completed registration file will be returned to us, specifying the contact details of the persons responsible as well as a letter allowing us to better prepare for the arrival of the children on the stay. Failing this, the child may be refused access to the center on the day of arrival and the amount of the stay will remain due.

4. Conditions of cancellation and interruption of stay

We denote J as the first day of the stay. The total cancellation of the stay by the customer. 
Refund terms (D=day): 
- Total cancellation between the registration date and D-31: 100% of the cost of the stay - 45 euros administration fee
- Total cancellation between D-30 and D-15: 50% of the cost of the stay - 45 euros administration fee
- Total cancellation between D-14 and D-6: 25% of the cost of the stay - 45 euros administration fee
- Total cancellation between D-5 and D-0: 0% of the cost of the stay
In the event of interruption of stay, whatever the reason, the customer cannot claim any reimbursement.

5. Cancellation and modification by CAMPS BY SPARTNER

The realization of a stay is conditioned by the number of registered participants. If the number of participants was below the break-even point, CAMPS BY SPARTNER could be obliged to cancel this stay. In this eventuality, CAMPS BY SPARTNER will inform the participant as soon as possible. The participant would then have the choice of postponing their registration for a similar stay or full reimbursement of the sums paid excluding administrative costs (45€) and excluding insurance(s), if subscribed. CAMPS BY SPARTNER may be obliged, in the event of exceptional circumstances or a major impediment, to modify a place of stay, a program or its services. In this event, CAMPS BY SPARTNER will offer replacement services of equivalent or superior quality at no additional cost, or, failing that, reimbursement of the services not provided, excluding administrative costs (€45) and excluding insurance(s), if subscribed. . 

6. Internal rules for CAMPS BY SPARTNER stays 

Recommendations to the participant: the stays of CAMPS BY SPARTNER, because of their essentially sporting, educational and cultural character, are aimed at participants motivated to participate actively in the program. To guarantee the balance of the contractual relationship, the participant must agree to have an attitude that complies with the basic rules of good conduct that must prevail in any human relationship, but also to respect the recommendations of CAMPS BY SPARTNER or its partners, suppliers or subcontractors (compliance with rules of good conduct, timetables, participation in scheduled activities, politeness towards others, etc.).
Discipline: The participant is invited to adopt a good behavior towards the supervisory staff and the other participants, and during all the activities proposed on the stay in which he participates. The participant must adopt a correct dress code. The use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, theft in all its forms, the use of any motor vehicle, as a driver or passenger for two wheels, the practice of hitchhiking are strictly prohibited. In the event that the behavior of a participant is likely to disturb the smooth running of the stay, or in the event that he does not respect the basic rules of good conduct and safety, CAMPS BY SPARTNER reserves the right to inform their legal guardians and interrupt their stay. The costs of early return and any accompanying are always the responsibility of the participant and/or his managers.
Disclaimer: When the stay is over, our mission ends as soon as the participants are taken back by their parents. We decline all responsibility for incidents that may occur after the fact.

7. Insurance

CAMPS BY SPARTNER offers for sale via its partner insurers, cancellation, multi-risk and individual accident insurance. The amount of this insurance must be paid at the time of registration of the participant and will not be reimbursed. Participants in the course must be insured for civil liability. We also invite our customers to take out individual accident insurance as part of their participation in our sports courses where the risk of injury inherent in sports practice cannot be ignored. We invite you to discover the details of these insurances on our website. In the event of a claim not involving the organiser's professional civil liability, the declaration of the latter is the responsibility of the customer.

8. Medical Expenses 

CAMPS BY SPARTNER may advance medical expenses (medical fees, X-rays, medication, etc.) for a participant. In this event, you will have to reimburse CAMPS BY SPARTNER or, failing that, the stay director or the liaison health assistant as soon as possible. The care sheets will of course be sent to you.

9. Use of the image

CAMPS BY SPARTNER reserves the right to use photos or videos of participants taken during its stays to illustrate its own communication media (website, social networks, catalogue, etc.), those of its partners or press articles. . The legal representatives of the participant accept that TV, radio or written press reports take place during the stays, and that the participants are interviewed. These reports may be broadcast by any means and on any medium. This, unless otherwise advised by the participant, his parents or his legal representative, made in writing before the start of the stay.

10. Computerization of personal data 

In accordance with the law N ° 78-17 of January 6, 78 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, you have a right of access and rectification to personal information concerning you and that CAMPS BY SPARTNER may be brought to be processed for the purposes of its activities. 

11. Relaunch 

In the event of non-payment CAMPS BY SPARTNER reserves the right to charge file processing fees, shipping costs and the costs of recourse to a collection agency. For children benefiting from support, in the event of non-participation of the child or in the event of premature return, the signatory organization undertakes to pay the amount of the stay.

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